NRICH CARE is your premium range of personal care products made with natural ingredients, without the use of any parabens to
cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, hair, nails, face and lips.

Paraben Free

We endeavor to put our patrons needs first and have sworn to protect them from harsh and harmful chemicals thus enabling our products to be paraben free.

Natural Ingredients

A perfect marriage of all natural ingredients that is sure to leave you feeling like never before. We owe it to you to provide the best ingredients that are unadulterated and found in its most natural form.

No petrolatums

Unrefined petroleum jelly contains potentially dangerous contaminants that are carcinogenic and could lead to cancer and damage of the reproductive organs.

Scented with Essential Oils

It is the perfect marriage between the most moisturizing and tantalizing aroma mixed to perfection that makes Nrich products that much more desirable